Renting is Good! Yeah I Said It

Renting is good.....I know this is not a common statement 

rent or buy

from a Woodbridge Mortgage Lender.  

But it is true, renting is good,  if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You are only in the area for a short period of time
  2. You enjoy paying someone else's mortgage
  3. You like the yearly rent increase without an increase in services or amenities.
  4. Rent in your area is cheaper than buying and you just can't afford a mortgage (In Woodbridge, VA rent is actually higher than mortgages based on recent affordability studies)
  5. You enjoy white boring walls with no chance to express yourself through decorating.  I recently had a client that wanted to buy a home, so she could paint her walls pink.  Not my favorite choice, but it's her own home and she is free to decorate as she sees fit.


If you don't fit any of the above criteria, then the time to buy a home is NOW.

Visit for quick mortgage pre-approval and get ready to paint those walls orange, pink, or maybe green...

Worried can you afford it run our Rent vs. Buy calculator and see if renting is good.

Worried about your credit score....send us an email at with the subject line Get Mortgage Ready.

Or just pick up the phone and call 703-497-3936 for you rent versus buy consultation and plan.

Contact Markita Aldridge-Woods at (703) 929-2274 or via email for custom tailored mortgage solutions.

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Renting is Good! Yeah I Said It
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